Fake Marriage To Foreigners Scandal: A Job For Big Joke?

The wide ranging scandal of foreigners paying Thai women for fake marriages in order to live in Thailand is fast developing.


In some district offices the gangs and agents acting on behalf of the men – mostly from India and Pakistan – are allegedly being actively helped by the connivance of bent officials.

In Bang Len district of Nakorn Pathom, for example, on one day alone 100 foreigners turned up to get married when there is a stated limit of 16 per day.

Officials there are under investigation as are state employees in Wang Muang district of Saraburi. Fifty couples there tied the knot.

Thai women were paid anywhere between 5,000 baht and ten thousand.

The fake marriages – and there could be as many as 3,500 – have all occurred since 2015.

Many Thai women barely knew who they were marrying and few lived together at all.

Raids have led to dozens of Pakistanis being deported and agents are starting to tumble.

TNA published a picture of Maj-Gen Surachate Hakparn – known as Big Joke in the media – during his time as deputy in charge at the tourist police.

The suggestion is that now that Maj-Gen Surachate is head of immigration the heat will be turned up on those involved in the marriages of convenience.

It is suggested that 3,500 cases were currently under investigation with 2,000 in Saraburi and 1,000 in Nakorn Pathom, both provinces in close proximity to Bangkok.

(Source: – TNA)

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