Sixty Gamblers Arrested Playing “Hi-Lo” In Downtown Udon

Police, military and local officials raided a godown in Udon Thani last night and arrested 60 gamblers and staff playing Hi-Lo.


Gamblers arrested

The operation had been busted just recently and had moved just around the corner to new premises.

The authorities found a room equipped with air-con and other comforts in the godown in the area of Nong Tao Lek.

The raid was conducted after an informer left the building.

Sixty people including the manager and two women working the Hi-Lo dice were arrested.

Some 200,000 baht was taken into evidence.

Muang district chief Watcharin Sutlawadee said that the same operation had been busted just two months ago at the Khok Ma intersection.

They had moved less than 100 metres away and set up again.

Hi-Lo is a simple game that predicts the outcome of rolling three dice under a cover.

A version is also played using cards.

(Source: – TNA)

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