Bangkok Top Destination for Long Haul Breaks

The PM is delighted that Bangkok has come out as the top destination for long-haul breaks.

He said, “It is government policy to encourage tourists to stay longer in Thailand and spend more here.”
He added that measures had been taken to boost tourism in the capital, including exempting visa fees and extending the time visitors could stay.

British newspaper The Daily Mirror reported that Bangkok was the cheapest city in the Post Office Travel Money’s Long-Haul City Costs Barometer for 2017.

Researchers looked at the price of 11 travel essentials, including food and drink, sightseeing, airport transfers and three nights’ accommodation. They then combined all the costs to create a total “basket price”, in order to determine which long-haul city actually offered the best value for money.

Thailand’s capital topped the list as the best value long-haul city, with a total basket price of 316.93 pounds (Bt13,700) almost 100 pounds less than runner-up Tokyo.

“There’s plenty to see and do in this vibrant city but if you’re only stopping for a long weekend then make sure to check out the awe-inspiring Grand Palace, a complex of breathtaking temples,” the report said.
Here is the list:
1. Bangkok
2. Tokyo, Japan
3. Beijing, China
4. Dubai, UAE
5. Cape Town, South Africa
6. Singapore
7. Washington DC, USA
8. Toronto, Canada
9. New York, USA
10. Boston, USA

Source: Nation

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